Wednesday, December 7, 2011

how to plan a trip?

Deciding to take 6mths out and travel around Australia with my family - easy.

Planning a trip around Australia with my family - a little overwhelming, exciting, not sure where/how to start.

How am I doing it?

The actually trip, route, destinations
  • We decided to head north from the South Coast of NSW.
  • I am trying to look at a state at a time.
  • Starting with towns we will stay in.
  • Then looking where to stay in those towns.
  • Looking a day trips from those towns.
  • Reading family travel blogs for ideas, visiting tourist information websites, travel websites.
  • Love Google Maps.
The Money
  • A travel budget, weekly/daily costing, accommodation, food, tours, activities.
  • Emergency fund, vehicle/caravan, health.
  • Keeping up at home, mortgage, insurances, bills
The Vehicle/Caravan/Stuff
  • Caravan and camping shows
  • Visiting other family travel blogs, forums, websites.

1 comment:

  1. Look forward to seeing how you go with this as we've been talking about doing the same thing for quite some time. Still in the dreaming stage though! We are not too far the Monaro so it will be of interest which direction you choose to head off in. Happy planning!