Wednesday, November 2, 2011


At this stage we are planning to leave the South Coast of NSW April 2013.
We are going to head north (chasing the warm weather).

North coast NSW. Coast of QLD. Either all the way to the top or start cutting across to NT from around Cairns. Into Darwin, Katherine, etc. Coast of WA. Broome. Down west coast to Perth. Margaret River. Hug the coast to SA. Adelaide. Great Ocean Road to Melbourne. Home.

If we have time we will do some of the South Coast of NSW, but if not then there is a holiday for another time, close to home.

I really want to concentrate our time on Nth QLD, NT and WA. These destinations are far away from home, and not something we can do in a short holiday.
We are going to have some type of timeline, otherwise we'll take 6mths to get to Brisbane! A balance of planning and being unplanned. How do you find this balance?
I think we'll break up the areas. Nick is excited about the north coast of NSW and QLD. I want to spend all our time in NT, WA and Great Ocean Road. If we each research some areas - we'll know where to go, what to see and where to stay.

LOVE. Lorne. Broome. Monkey Mia. Darwin.


  1. We will be following...I think, just gotta get planning, but you seem to be doing it for me.

  2. Planning is exciting, and alittle overwhelming. We are think about everything, but also tackle one thing at a time. At the moment, it is research into the vehicle we'll get - good for the trip and good for the family car once we are home.
    I say go for it. We have all been so happy once we made the decision to go. Good Luck.