Sunday, October 30, 2011

i am so jealous

I hear this a lot, followed by 'I wish we could do something like that'.

You can. You just have to change the way you think. And plan.
  • It is okay to go backwards financially. You just need a plan, for when you come home. The memories and adventure will more than make up for the lost income and assets.
  • Pick your time to go. For us, we know we need to go, before our eldest starts school. Families travel with older children, and I know we will travel again when the children are older. But for us, this long trip needs to happen before James starts kindergarten.
  • Our home will be at a good stage. Most of the outside renovations will be completed. Making it simple. Hopefully making it a good rental too.
  • Nick's work is the hardest part of this decision. We have spent years building it up, to the great place it is now. It will be so hard to leave it. But we just cannot let work be the one reason we don't go.
  • We are home bodies. Leaving our home will be hard for us. But the caravan will be our new home, and our beautiful home and town will be here waiting for us.
  • Time of year. We plan to leave in April 2013. 18 months from now. Time to plan and save. We miss the south coast winter, and get 3 'summers' in a row!
The only 'part' that will affect the trip is the children's health. That part we just have to wait and see. Plan like everything is go.


  1. Such an inspiring blog Kristy.
    And I totally, totally agree. You are not 'lucky' in that anyone who wanted to do this could, you are making the plans and prepared for the financial implications, which will be more than worth it. James and Ellie are lucky though, to have such awesome parents!

  2. Thanks Sare. I know not everyone can do this, but maybe their dream holiday/adventure is something else. I never thought we could do this, financially at least. But I have realised we can, we just have to change the way we think and plan. James & Ellie will be alittle young to remember it all, so I hope this blog will act as 'journal' in years to come. X

  3. well said Kristy! you are very inspiring & I wish you fun travels ♥