Sunday, October 16, 2011


What are we going to live in? Can we keep it after our trip, and use it for future trips as the kidlets get older?

I would LOVE to tow an older vintage caravan, but with zero towing experience and the need to be able to store the caravan at home, we are leaning towards a Jayco Expanda.

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The 16.49.1 looks ideal, 2 double beds and living space in between. I love the idea that if we are on the road and stop for a swim/lunch we can get easy access to the inside/kitchen. I won't have to pack and remember to pack anything we will need into the car in the morning before we set off.

We'll go second hand, and are starting to watch prices and what is around. Then we'll add our touch. My only concern is water leakage at the bed ends. But we plan to buy it at least 6mths before we leave, giving us our summer to take some smaller trips on the south coast. Fingers crossed when we leave for our trip, we have everything sorted and organised. And if we don't then we just sort it out along the way, right?

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