Wednesday, October 26, 2011

sea change

Nearly 5 months ago, we made a seachange. We have always loved the coastal town we have now moved too. As a couple dating, engaged, married and expecting we use to take day trips for a swim, coffee, lunch or just a drive on a rainy day. We talked about moving here, but it never seemed viable with both our jobs. Fast forward to married and 2 children, about 8 months ago, my husband having a quiet drink at the local pub with my sister & partner. The dream started to become a reality. We were about to take on huge and expensive renovations on our current home, that would make it our forever home. We weighed up the pros and cons, and costs. And put that all aside and followed our heart. If it didn't work we could always move back to the area we were originally from, right? We started looking in our new town, and having agents come and evaluate our current home. The moved happened relatively easily (hmm I seem to have already forgotten how stressful moving with 2 children under 3 is!). We are under taking renovations in our new home, mainly outside this time.

It is taking longer than I thought to truely settle in. I love the beaches, little town and area. But I miss our friends & family, now about 40 minutes drive away. I miss the convience of having a large town so close. And I miss our little house, the house we brought before we were engaged or married, the house we brought both our babies home too. But I know we made the right decision, this will be a gorgeous town and area to bring up our little family. I love the quiet, being able to see the stars in the sky at night, and being able to walk to the beach with no traffic lights or traffic for that matter!

So if we can do this sea change, we can do the adventure that is travelling around Australia with 2 children under 5!

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