Sunday, October 9, 2011

who, what, where, when, how and why?

Who? Nick, Kristy, James & Ellie.

What? A 6mth trip around Australia (or part of Australia), with a caravan, and no time line or plan.

Where? North or South from the South Coast of NSW

When? Second half of 2013, 20mths away. James will be 4 turning 5 and Ellie 2 turning 3. The year before James starts Kindergarten. The year before I return to part-time work.

How? Good question! That is what I want this blog to be, a place to record all our ideas and research.

Why? Why not really. Life is short. Some medical problems with our children, have reminded us of this. It is something we have always talked of doing. We love Australia and want to see more of it. We can. It will challenge us and let us grow. Why not?

So here we go...

I have SO many questions? What type of budget do I set? Do we rent our house furnished or unfurnished? With or without our second car? Which way North to WA or South to WA? How long will it take us? Would we get the whole way around in 6mths? or would we be rushed? What do we take and what do we leave behind? What type of caravan?

Who wants to come met us somewhere fun along the way?


  1. Why not? Indeed!! I like your thinking that you just have to get out there and give these things a go. I have been enjoying Fox's Lane's journey around Australia in her caravan and now here you are! x

  2. James & Ellie are now 3 and 1, and will be 4 turning 5 and 2 turning 3 when we go. I hope this blog is something they can read to help them remember this adventure. And I would love to have others read and come along on the planning and the adventure with us. X

  3. Hi Kristy, just stumbled across your blog, very jealous. I did a six-month trip six years ago, before children. We met a lot of people travelling with kids and I have to say I have never seen happier kids. What better way to learn then being out there experiencing new things every day? We plan on doing it again with kids one day.

    My suggestion re direction is to pick the things you most want to see along the way, prioritise them, then decide which way around to go. For us, we wanted to do Ningaloo Reef, the kimberly, and the top end. This meant we had to be up north in the dry, from April to October. It also meant we missed the winter down south, which was an added bonus!

    The other thing I would suggest is an off-road camper trailer rather than a caravan, but this all depends on where you want to go. A camper trailer will get you into more places and they are really easy to set up. We didnt have one, we slept in the back of a landcruiser troop carrier and just pitched a tent when we were somewhere longer than a night or two, but I saw some pretty neat trailers along the way.

    Happy travels!